“Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams.

Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings.
Make today worth remembering.”

Steve Maraboli

We are living in a world that is incredibly multifaceted. We are individuals living together with many various interests, talents and ideas.

Every single person has potential. Like-minded people working together are more likely REALise that potential. Imagine a colourful hummingbird.With ease he flies from blossom to blossom, where he can hold his balance even while his wings move so quickly. What an enchanting creature, decorated with a colourful coat.

Every feather is slightly different to the other feathers. They have slightly different characteristics, like form and colour, as well as
different purposes: to steer, to lift, to land. But they also have something in common: Their hummingbird.

Now we humans are just like these feathers. We are unique and at the same time we are one. Everything on this planet is connected.

We all are


so much more!

beautiful being!

I am happy you found your way to me. My name is Alexandra Klinke. I was born in 1994, finished high school in 2013 and then left my home country Germany to travel to the other side of the world.

My life changing journey began in Australia back then, and later I explored New Zealand and Malaysia. In that year I learned more about myself and life in the real world than I probably did in my formal education.

The experiences and lessons I gathered throughout my journey changed my whole life. So when I returned to Germany in 2014 I knew who I was. I knew what I wanted to do. And most importantly I knew WHY.

A new chapter of my life began. Now I am a health coach and I study health psychology in Gera (Thuringia, Germany). The joy, happiness and love, that I carry inside of me, is what I always share with people surrounding me. With an evolving appreciation of life’s blessings and mindfulness, with an open mind and open heart I walk my daily path, enthusiastic about many ideas, with a desire to create.

The well-being of others is my motivation, one that comes from deep within from my heart.

This is why I try to encourage others with happiness, positivity and health. And why I started Alive And.

Each of us are making our path through this world in their own way. There are so many humans on this beautiful planet Earth, yet many people often feel alone. But they are not. We are not. We are all here: Together.

Shouldn’t we come closer together instead of further apart? Sometimes we might wish for support from others, at other times they might wish for our support. It’s a balance of giving and taking. We can all be part of a happier society. Even if it’s simply the “Hello”, that we share with the stranger standing next to us at the traffic light in the morning.

Life is wonderful and beautiful. You just need to look closer and from a beautiful perspective. I see my purpose in moving people.
It may be through one hour of dancing, may be through a text I shared in my blog, may be through my natural being and what comes with it.

I shine my light and my love. We all want to live happy, healthy and meaningful lives.

But, more important:

Thou also?

I assist people in living their truth with a happy mind, body and soul.

If you know who you truly are and what you want to do with your life, you will be accompanied by happiness and love all along your path. It changes you, your life and all the environments you find yourself in. In the daily life we pretty much always play a role.

We are child of our parents, we are friend, brother or sister, employee or boss… So we attach to the different situations in different ways.
How often do we take a break from it all and just are. Just breathe.

YOU are the only person you will definitely spend your entire life with.

You want to, right? By caring much about yourself and then about the people surrounding you, you create a more balanced life filled with positivity, happiness and well-being. As they always say on airplanes: “Put your own oxygen mask on first.” (in case of an emergency).
Apply this on your daily life: You need to make sure that you have enough energy, that you treat our mind, body and soul with the care it needs. Because if you don’t have enough energy yourself, then how could you be able to help other people?

It all begins with you!

AliveAnd brings more positivity into your life.
AliveAnd creates Events, Workshops, Projects and more.
AliveAnd lets us come closer together and be together while being our very selves.
AliveAnd offers information, entertainment, support, inspiration,
motivation and the realisation of ideas into action.
AliveAnd – For you. For me. For us.

„Be the change you wish to see in the world.“

Mahatma Ghandi


AliveAnd aims at the distribution of a positive awareness of life, as well as a contribution to a happier community life. AliveAnd respects nature and all beings. Religion, demographic background and politics are of no interest at AliveAnd.

AliveAnd is for everybody.

AliveAnd is like a tree with many different branches.
It connects various categories in one.

 Alive And Dancing

 Alive And Breathing

 Alive And Rising

 Alive And Active